Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gods Work or Human Error?

This article today hits home on another modern day moral dilemma. Are "test tube babies" meddling from man, or an extension of "Gods work"?

Obviously the Pope and other religious leaders have come down against such meddling from man in what is considered God's unique handiwork...the forming of a unique life.

As for me, the short answer is...man or cause and effect of man is at the basis of all life reproduction. As far as I know up until recent times it took actions and decisions of a man and a woman to have sex before a baby came to being. I think there is cause and effect to that. It goes to reason then that if man...with the extreme intellect and potential God started in motion if you are a believer...can replicate the same process in a test tube, should we not be amazed and celebrating instead of "throwing stones" like in the dark ages?

I understand all the concerns over "mad scientists" cloning a "super" human race or warring machines...yet again I am not too sure that is not going on in the "natural" order of things anyways. We normal humans seem to be quite capable of fostering and birthing "war machines". But if we can also alter or guarantee cellular processes to control birth defects or potential for disease...why is that a bad thing? Test tube babies can't be much worse than the ones we are creating normally.

As I have periodically stated...if man is designed or born in "God's image", why should we not do as much of his work as possible in this life?


Bibiana said...

Yo estoy totalmente de acuerdo con estos sistemas cientificos modernos para que familias, que no pueden tener hijos por la via regular, utilicen la fecundacion "in vitro" o tantas otras que ahora se usan para extender la familia.

Como decimos en mi pais Colombia "El fin justifica los medios", nada de esto tiene que ver con Dios o religiones, esta es una decision humana muy personal e intima de la pareja.

Si se tiene la posibilidad, esperanza y dinero para hacerlo por que no? Por eso Dios nos dio inteligencia y libre albedrio para decidir nuestras propias decisiones.

Yo lo apruebo. BB

Bonnie said...

Your topic today really sparked my interest. Louise Brown could have been my baby. Had I had the knowledge of how to proceed, the right contacts, and probably the money to make it happen, I would have had my own biological children via the "test tube" process. That is the removal of an egg from the mother's womb combined with the sperm of the father in a "test tube" rather than via the birth canal. For many infertile women who have physical problems conceiving naturally, this process enables them to then bear their own biological child. Fundamentalist Christians, the Pope, or anyone else who tries to impede this wonderful medical breakthrough really gall me ! What right do they have to meddle in the lives of others ? I see by scanning the article you were referring to that this author also seems to have a problem with homosexual people having children. Well, I'm certainly glad that my bi-sexual stepdaughter had and raised three wonderful children, young men who by any standard are well adjusted, contributing members of society and that the eldest of the three and his wife now have a beautiful child who is the love of my life. Meddlers into the ways others choose to live their private lives just really piss me off !