Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I might change my mind on Romney for President

There are a couple old sayings such as:

If you can`t beat them, join them"

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

- Albert Einstein

How do I tie these sayings into Mitt Romney for President? Well...now that I know he paid over 3 million dollars last year in Federal Income taxes...I think he deserves a shot at leading our country into a positive economic and cultural turn around.

I know many of my more liberal or socialist friends will take issue with what I am saying here, but look at things realistically. What is the meaning or purpose of money? For me, money is nothing more than a way to "keep score". Business and free enterprise are built around competition and the score is kept by how many dollars your ideas or relationships can earn in the shortest amount of time. "Time is money"---also a valuable concept. I also go along with the thinking that jobs are never produced by poor people or governments. Its now about global competition of money and productivity. America is currently losing that competition.

If you go along with this mentality about money, then one must begin respecting the value...and POWER of money. I remember when I made the statement to my father figure Grandfather in my teens..."it looks like those with the most money win...even in religion". I sensed that my minister grandfather was a little taken off guard by my statement. He then clarified for me that it is the LOVE of money that was the root of evil...not money itself. Money can be very useful. Most people that hate people with money...are those that don`t have any. This is an ugly principle that is fueling most of the world`s conflicts...and unfortunately the number of "producers" of money are being quickly over run by the "consumers" of money...the primary culprits being GOVERNMENTS...who produce no money, only print it. They only spend what they tax out of the system...a system that must be voluntarily agreed to by the majority supposedly.

While I have unabashedly supported the ideas and fundamentals of Ron Paul as a "libertarian Republican"...I now think the next best litmus test of who is qualified to lead our country is the one who can or has generated the most money in their lifetime. And while we must recognize that "money flows to money" and that many people INHERIT what they have...I think we should evaluate leaders in our country based on how successful they have been as PRODUCERS. Not leeches off the system. Not lifelong attorneys who predominantly pursue and lead our political processes by manipulation of laws and regulations. We need a Warren Buffet or Steven Jobs type of figure who can take over and lead at least the economic rebound our country so thirsts for. Its not about government "programs" or continued redistribution of other peoples incomes and tax dollars. We need a true revolution in government that thrives on thrift, principles of productivity and competition...and not just how big they can grow the governmental complex into.

The biggest idea here is to make federal government an almost VOLUNTARY position to be held by PRODUCTIVE citizens. It should be a SERVICE job...much like Peace Corp or other service job. Get rid of all the financial incentives politicians have to be in office...and you will now see the TRUE leaders step up and run government.

Next step as already written about in other blogs...we need dynamic election reform where big money ads and PACs are no longer useful or legal as part of our electoral system. This alone will take big corporations out of the equation...actually save them billions of bogus dollars for influencing elections...which can then be put towards more productive things like R&D, international development, pensions and benefits for their workers, and actual sales and marketing of cutting edge products and services.

To that end...as of today...I will vote in the next election for whoever has the best potential leadership towards an economic revolution. This takes a BUSINESS leader...not a lawyer or career politician. If you put all these guys up against that litmus test...you only have one current star in the race...on either side of the political aisle.

Does it matter that Romney`s heritage is of the Mormon faith? Well, "by their fruits you shall know them"...and my perception is that Mormons have a pretty sound philosophy on money and what to do with it. Next to the Jewish people, they have the best history as a religion and culture of producing and saving money that I know of. If you care about the USA economy, you can do much worse than put the economy in the hands of a person of Mormon or Jewish tradition.

It is sad that in this day and age in America, a person has to hide or apologize for their wealth and income to run for office. I understand that if you made the money illegally or have something to hide. In this case though, I think Romney truly wanted to downplay his income only because he clearly understands the "class war" we have going on in America...and throughout the world. While he may have the best ideas on how to turn our country`s economy around...a majority of Americans are NOT wealthy and are still looking for what they can GET out of the government versus what they can contribute. They will always look at a guy like Romney as NOT one of them. He will NEVER be the guy next door, the average guy everyone can identify with. Most Americans will be much more comfortable with an actor like Reagan, or politico like Gingrich. As seen in the last election, the masses will ALWAYS be enamored by a "Robin Hood" like President Obama...and he is obviously STILL the front runner to win this next election since a majority of the poor masses STILL believe in him. They think Robin Hood is their only chance to matter in the world. I truly hope not, because if so, we are doomed.

So, there you have it. Mitt is not the best speaker in the Republican lineup. He is not as intellectual as a Gingrich. He is not as consistent in his views as a Ron Paul. He is not as conservative of a Republican as Rick Santorum. But, dollar for dollar of productivity in his lifetime...I will probably now support Romney IF he gets nominated. Without sound economic productivity, our country is doomed. This next election will be all about the ECONOMY...stupid.

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