Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama Reality Check...

I had a whole other blog 90% written after the first Presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It was meant to balance the ¨reality¨ blog I wrote about Romney a few weeks back. My how the pendulum swings in today´s media driven political world.

Instead of the previous plethora of confrontational views on Obama politics...I have decided it is simpler and more meaningful to focus on one quote from his last ¨State of the Union¨ address in January...

¨We can either settle for a country where a shrinking number of people do really well while a growing number of Americans barely get by, or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.¨

I was reminded of this statement from this interesting article in ¨The Economist¨, and for me this embodies the impracticality of Obama´s ideas and the Democratic platform of this day and age.

The main issue I take with this core statement is...WHO IS MAKING THE RULES? My answer would be that the ¨rules¨ are being made by politicians who are primarily funded by BIG business.  That goes for both sides of the political aisle in the USA.  So...while you have these statements continually coming from all these governmental lying lips about ¨fairness¨ and ¨equality¨...don´t you believe them for one minute.  They are almost all for whatever preserves the status quo for THEM...and by THEM I mean career politicos and the financial people that support them.  Without funds...these politicos would be POWERLESS.  So one first has to ask...who is funding their ideologies?  Who pays for the private jets Nancy Pelosi and other Congressmen commute to their homes on?  Who pays for the entitlements and PRIVATE benefits package a Congressperson gets once elected that is much better than the plans they legislate for the rest of us?  How have so many of these lifetime politicians become millionaires with huge accounts on and offshore...but are trying to take out of OUR reach as regular citizens? These people making the rules are NOT Robin Hoods or Mother Theresas. They just try to convince you that they are...

Obama and the Dems have successfully hyped this seasons campaign into a divisive campaign of class warfare and rich versus the poor.  Both sides seem bent on twisting and hyping data, running fast with ¨facts¨, flip-flopping on and distorting views of all kinds. But to focus on what I perceive as Obama and the Democrat´s delusions of reality, lets examine the rest of his statement above.

I agree that in today´s America there is a ¨shrinking number of people who do really well¨.  During his four years at the helm, unemployment has seen scant improvement, macro business factors and markets have been falsely supported by huge Wall Street bailouts by Obama´s Federal Reserve team, and many moneyed individuals and companies have fled America in record numbers. In order to stem the tide of fleeing moneys from our bankrupt system, instead of providing more investment incentives, lowering regulations and providing tax incentives for business to come to the USA...they have instead added new exit taxes for Americans while giving tax incentives to FOREIGNERS who come TO America. To me that obviously points to the increasingly unfair trade and incentive practices that the American government has practiced against its own citizens for decades now.  Foreign held companies have had tremendous advantages over USA domestic companies because foreigners have not paid the same taxes whether it be corporate or personal taxes on their dividends and capital gains. In many industries, American companies have been subject to more strict regulations and taxation than the next door competitor who just happens to be foreign.

While the Dems constantly deride companies that move OUT of the USA taking jobs with them, they do not give honest shrift to the real reasons in many cases. Its not so much about cost of labor in the USA though that is an obvious issue. In many cases the main reason is the non-competitive tax structure in the USA compared to many other legal jurisdictions in the world. To compete across the globe, companies have to maintain competitive profits. If they are paying governments more than double what a main competitor is in another jurisdiction...they will soon be out of business...and jobs will continue to disintegrate.

It seems now that the USA big government approach by both of the main parties is about taxing and fleecing successful businesses. This is primarily because they have already spent most Americans individual tax obligations many times over in just 4 years. The cycle is madly becoming like a socialist or even communist model of redistribution. Recent governments from both main parties have successfully pilfered the USA economy to the point where it will implode...and their irresponsible reaction is to legislate MORE taxes, print MORE money...and then claim it is for the growing poor. It would be like a bankrupt business raising more money saying they are going to buy more equipment or pay down their debt...then turning around and giving themselves bonuses and raises until that money is gone too. Only governments...and churches in some cases...can get away with these actions. For anyone else it would be fraud and conspiracy.

As for giving every American a ¨fair shot¨ at a new competitive economy and growth...if you really believed that Mr. President, you would have given those trillions of Federal Reserve loans to every small business owner or know, the people who employ a majority of Americans?  That money COULD have gone directly into small business ventures that create jobs more quickly and effectively. Instead you gave the bailouts to your banker buddies, failed corporate behemoths and failed government entities such as FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC. Don´t start with that fair and even distribution BS.  Your record is dismal on that one.

Finally...the idea of everyone playing by the same set of rules is another pipe dream in today`s America. Justice in America is based on what you can afford to pay to pursue it.  There are so many games being played through ¨minority business¨ acts and the tax code, no one can keep up with all the shenanigans. When people can make more money on unemployment than they can on minimum wages after taxes, the system is a total failure. As the Economist article states it...

 Why should people who prefer leisure to income face lower tax rates? Why should parents and homeowners get tax breaks single renters don't get? Why should young black men get longer sentences than young white women who commit the same crimes? Why should some industries get subsidies unavailable to others? In every case, they shouldn't...
Mr Obama argues it's unfair when foreign governments subsidize their manufacturers. On the other hand, he seems to think subsidizing American manufacturing is not only not unfair in the same way, but is somehow required by fairness.
My main problem with this President...and most in recent that their actions speak so loudly, I don´t hear a word they say.  America needs a tough leader, willing to dole out tough medicine and tell the truth to ALL the American people.  Sure, you can possibly win an election, like Hugo Chavez just did in Venezuela, catering to the majority of the poor which your government programs have helped grow into increasingly dependent followers with false expectations of government handouts. But in this universe of ¨cause and effect¨, you can´t promise people something you don´t have...and our constitution does not grant you the power to take from others in order to give to your voters.  Your followers need to learn how to fish...not just how to consume them. The days of $30 an hour union jobs for pushing a broom are over as well. If Americans think that is coming back any time soon, you had better put on your reality glasses.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the answer IS in private sector companies, jobs and competitive tax rates for ALL...not higher numbers of government jobs. The answer is in educating people to make something for themselves versus just offering more unemployment payouts and soup lines. I do still think that competition and private opportunity drives healthcare and medical improvements and the possibility of curing Cancer and other diseases that plague us better than ^Obamacare¨. I`m not sure who God is...but you are not him Mr. President.  So please... give freedom, competition and free enterprise a chance. The whole world will be glad you least over time.

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