Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Enemy of Freedom is both Religion and the State

As the USA this past week launches strikes on ISIS in Iraq and al-Shabaab Islamist terrorists in Somalia…it seems quite obvious that the new enemy of freedom and democracy in the world is religious fundamentalism.

While some might see this as a continuation of the USA’s “war on terrorism”, I think it is important to note that we are now fighting FOR the states of Iraq and Somalia against the extremists that threaten their governance.   This is not a big problem for me if…1) these governments are not themselves terrorizing their citizens, and 2) if they agree to repay us for our defense of their country’s autonomy. Sure, at this point these countries have pitiful means to pay us…but we can always request “payment in kind” via oil, minerals, gold…any natural resources that do abound in many of these countries.  We can even help them mine enough to repay us while helping them improve their economic stabilities so that poverty does not become the demise of their regimes.

Unfortunately, the “West” is now fighting for freedom and democracy against two fronts…the obvious fundamentalists of religions, and the tyrannical states of Russia and other similar totalitarian governments.  We even see a resurgence of conflict rearing its ugly head between China and Taiwan this past week. Those issues are not about religion, but about State control over vast populations and economic resources. At its most basic, it is about “territorial” rights and power of a few over many.

The biggest macro political problem of our world this past century has been conflicts between various ethnicities and cultures who have been divided unjustly and unrealistically after the big World Wars of the 20th century.  Almost every region of the world has been affected by arbitrary line drawing of the “super powers” that emerged to control the world as world war victors.  Unfortunately, many of those decisions…from the Balkans to Eastern Europe to splits in North and South Korea, and the establishment of a new Zionist state in the middle of a much larger Arabia …have resulted in decades of war, raids, and “apartheids” of various persuasions.

Meanwhile, most countries have participated in a politicized “United Nations” that has been anything but united…and has soaked up billions of dollars of international finance. In the end those efforts and monies have had insignificant effect on global controls over tyranny.  The “bear “of Russian empirical aspirations is once again on the move and it is easily argued that America has lost its dominance and influence on foreign affairs.  Current American leadership is at an all-time low level of respect and confidence.  America itself is split in two by extreme left and right idealism…and none of that really matters to most of the rest of the world who are just trying to survive and not be “taken over” by radicals and tyrants.

It has become obvious to me that the only hope for world peace and human survival is increased education and economic opportunity for the masses and less centralization of power and money by governments.  As long as government states run banks and economies, there is no chance for markets or capitalism to do its work of rewarding workers and risk takers alike.  Even the western governments have become unworkable forces of controls and regulations which protect special interests versus the average person.  Corporate greed aligned with their government lackeys are behind much of the losing philosophies of limited warfare and arming the various global governments of choice who the next day turn those guns on their own people.

Ours is a world of “smoke and mirrors”.  Leaders lead by stirring up fundamentalism through the media and convincing the sheeple about who is the enemy on any given day.  Leaders say what is politically correct or what they think will get votes and money from the corporate elite versus state their principles or conscience on important issues. Meanwhile, there is such a dearth of strong leadership, the world is mistaking tyrants like Vladimir Putin as respectable leaders. The last century has taught us very few sustainable lessons.  Our current leaders have little perspective or historical memory. They live for political survival TODAY only.

It is time for strong INDIVIDUALS to stand up and be counted with a voice…even if it is the “voice of ONE”...to bring reason and justice to the global stage of debate. 

As with the rise of the “Arab Spring”, increases of capitalistic flair in China, or the growing centrist ideals in America itself having nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats…change starts with clear and individualistic thinking.  We need more pluralism in society with fewer fundamentalists. While the majority should not have to tolerate threats from terrorists or religious fanatics…we also should not have to live in subjugation to economic and philosophical mismanagement by tyrannical leaders.  When bad religion and governance come together in any given country to rule, that is the end to freedom of the individual or autonomy.  Thus begins the end of reason, progress or advancement against the threats to human survival.


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