Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Muslim Chapel in Orlando Airport

News comes to us a few days ago that the Orlando International Airport is opening a Muslim "prayer room" at a cost of $250,000.  I don't know ultimately who will pay for this...but it is probably the public since taxes pay for most developments such as airports.

It will be interesting to track who uses this "chapel" the most...people arriving from Dubai, thanking Allah for his deliverance from that desert oil oasis...or believers leaving America to go back with thankful deliverance from this wicked, "Satanist" land of McDonalds, Hollywood and Disneyland.

Now, apparently in all fairness, there has been a "Christian" chapel at the airport for a while, and they are planning to add ANOTHER interdenominational chapel at some location as well.  Does anyone else see irony in all of this?

First off, the fastest growing belief system in America is "secularism"...basically a form of Humanism which tends to be practiced by mostly intellectuals and highly educated or well read people.  For those of us who escaped fundamentalist religion as kids in our culture...this has been welcome news that we now have more unbelievers "out of the closet" with us.

Unfortunately, replacing the droves of Americans leaving dead religions...we now have this huge influx of Muslims immigrating to our country and establishing their own neighborhoods and mosques throughout most of our major cities.  While I have always believed in constitutional freedom of religion...I have never believed in government or state sponsorship of religion. I also don't recognize my country as a "Christian" nation since the colonies were not founded on fundamental religion.  They were founded on escape from tyrants in Europe who forced state sponsored religions along with the prohibition of others.

The separation of church and state is very simply that.  Churches should have nothing to do with politics...and the government should have no involvement with religion. INDIVIDUALS should be able to practice as they long as it does not inhibit others from NOT practicing religion or being affected by another persons beliefs. This is called being a "republic", and a majority democratic vote of "Christians" should not be able to change these constitutional rights.

This takes us back to the issue at hand...the Muslim religion growing faster in the USA than Christianity, Judaism or others. When our governments... federal, state and local...start mandating exceptions and imbalanced tolerance of religious fundamentalists, no matter what brand they are starting the makings of more civil strife in this "land of the free, home of the brave".

Islam AND fundamental Christianity are NOT tolerant, peace loving religions. They are full of judgement, hell-fire and damnation against "unbelievers".  This adds to the already difficult job of uniting Americans of all racial and economic backgrounds.  It is hard enough to get blacks, whites, Native Americans, Asians and Hispanics to get along in this country.  Now you add increased marks of demarcation between fundamental religions...and we all are going straight to "hell" in one big bundle of holy wars inside our own borders.

I for one now go on record as being against any government sponsorship of any religion, its emblems or icons. The state should be the state, religion should be practiced in ones home, church, synagogue or even mosques.  But I should not have to be confronted with these idiocies of sectarian worship in public places.  Its not that it threatens me, but I believe it sets up continued strife and division in our humanity by having these symbols of mysticism at every crossroad.

I personally see no difference between revolting public signs of "Jesus is Coming", "Jesus Saves", etc to Islamic signs of  "death to infidels".  They have all become repugnant, vacuous symbols of mans mental depravity and lack of education when it comes to meaning and history of human life.  It is alarming how much of this we have in the internet age.

So more publicly funded "chapels".  And while we are at it, lets do away with "tax exempt" religions of every persuasion.  These charlatan evangelists living like hedonists on tax free contributions need to go away.  If people want to broadcast religious views, they should pay for access the same way taxed institutions do.  If I don't have these advantages as a secular humanist...why should a religious person or organization have it?

The sheep need to get with the program. No religious "Koolaid" drinking on public funds or property.