Friday, July 25, 2008

Ron Paul...revisited

This is the video that I wish I was observing one of our current Presidential contenders performing on. Instead, it is little, wily Ron Paul who is one of the only politicians speaking the truth on our economic crisis and warning against the bailout of our currency and real estate mortgage crisis via the new bill supporting the bureaucratic Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac funds. You may not be attracted to his image or his voice...but rational minds cannot ignore his message. Our liberties and wealth are in huge jeopardy.

Per Mr. Paul’s message, in the new rescue bill passed by congress and signed by Bush per the housing crisis, it is evident we are exchanging treasury bills for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securities which in turn are the assets behind our currency. Bailing out the housing industry seems the paramount need of the federal government. You have to face the truth that your government is covering these bad mortgages and bad credit decisions with YOUR tax dollars. That’s their only source of revenue. Prices are going to go up based on further pressure on the dollar internationally because of our ever increasing debts and bail outs. No one seems to want to take the medicine of budget tightening, federal cutbacks and focusing more on our domestic problems and markets instead of all our "foreign interests".

Buried in this bill are points like finger printing mortgage brokers who are now being blamed for the mortgage crisis. As if they are all criminals and the source of our financial woes. COVERUP! It’s just like government blaming all the drug dealers for the individual use and abuse of drugs. When will they wake up to the fact that where there is demand there will be supply? Also in this bill is a law that all credit card transactions will be reported to the IRS. Now...what does that have to do with the mortgage crisis and economic systems pains? is now the American consumer’s fault that our system is in chaos...and this justified our government's further invasion of its citizen’s privacy. Next thing you know, they will be arresting you for buying "heretical" books or "pornographic" films on your credit card (there is a good summary on the history of government censorship at ). Yes my friends, we the citizens are to be blamed and suspect for causing these entire crisis for our pure and innocent federal government.

So, we continue pumping the market bubbles with more money and credit...printing more dollars and manipulating interest rates. What kind of free market, democratic system is this? It's almost like they are purposely out to "kill the dollar". As one commentator recently said, "this is not a time to be pessimistic or is time to be REALISTIC”. We have to get off this mad, big government, media manipulating merry-go-round.

How do we do that? Well, our first opportunity is at the ballot box this election. We need to get a significant message to our "representatives" that we want them to be fiscally responsible, and yes, put more of the controls back into OUR individual hands. We can manage our money and problems better than the federal government can. We just need to be forced to. Government should be teaching and incentivizing citizens to save for retirement, take care of our health, work hard for money that we get to keep. Instead of taxing the fruits of our labors, tax the pursuits of our materialism and gluttony. Instead of prodding us to "spend more" to keep the consumer markets flying, government should be encouraging us to save more. It also should be trying to support our currency against all others so that what goods we do buy from foreign entities are not at such inflated prices in the exchange.

We need to realize that the economic and market wars are key to our survival...not the armed battles we are fighting. If we lose our money, we cannot build a strong defense. If we lose the value of our money, we will go broke just trying to feed and clothe ourselves. If we lose the value of our money, we cannot afford to travel outside our country and will become more isolationist than ever. If we lose the value of our money, we will become the slave labor and the foreign rich countries will be living off our demise. They will over run us...economically! It is my firm opinion that this is the master plan of the "terrorists and evil doers" that started us down this catastrophic path on 9/11/01. In just seven years, they have brought us to our knees economically...while they continue to take our billions of dollars every year out of our system and put them into magical kingdoms in Dubai and other rich desert locations. We need to wake up to the fact that our system is on its knees, begging forgiveness. It’s time to change course before it's too late...and this is spiraling and changing in global marketplaces in record short cycles. It's not your children or grandchildren that will will be YOU. It’s not that far off if we don't change our course.

I'm quite aware that neither Ron Paul nor any other leader can do this on their own. We don’t need a pariah or "benevolent dictator". We just need to unite as Americans on the principles we were founded on to take back our freedom and independence from government and world organizations trying to strangle us. We need more Lee Iacoccas (checkout Lee's online blog)and Ron Pauls to stand up and be heard...with a few million citizens standing behind them. We need more leaders like Thomas Jefferson who believed:

"Independence can be trusted nowhere but with the people in mass. They are inherently independent of all but moral law."

"Manfully maintain our good old principle of cherishing and fortifying the rights and authorities of the people in opposition to those who fear them, who wish to take all power from them and to transfer all to Washington."

For me, Ron Paul is one of the few voices of reason in our current congress. It does not surprise me that he did not get nominated as the Republican candidate for President. He doesn’t wield the "image" or "spin" it takes to woo today’s American voter. If I could though, I would attend his September 2 rally if only to mark support for the free market and constitutional representative government ideals he stands for…and hopefully be inspired by other likeminded citizens I would meet. He's not like these other politicians...and I like that.

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Bibiana said...

El senador, Ron Paul, parece ser un senador muy prudente e inteligente, seria un buen Presidente. Buena eleccion.

Que lastima, el manejo de los medios, esten manipulando y controlando las elecciones; enfocando al pais a votar por los candidatos soportados por los dos partidos politicos mas fuertes y sin dejar opcion para hacer conocer otros como el senor Paul.

Que triste que la gente norteamericana regular, sea tan ciega y sorda, sigan creyendo en su sistema politico y economico confunso, en sus malos lideres, siguiendoles el juego, pagando impuestos, altisimos intereses bancarios,gas, soportando guerras por poder, que ahorcan el pueblo.

Culpando al terrorismo y a los ilegales, por su crisis economica,lo cual para mi es solo una escusa, la gente normal esta trabajando para soportar el gobierno, su arrogancia, imperialismo y egoismo.

Norteamerica y su gente, estan convencidos que son un pais independiente y libre, cuando no es cierto, es un pais sometido y controlado.

Como diria yo? Una "democracia, imperialista"

Suerte al Sr. Ron Paul, suerte Norteamerica, suerte para el resto del mundo.

Mucha suerte necesitamos todos, si el proximo presidente del imperio norteamericano sea un 50% musulman. Que miedo. Armagedon?

Dios nos agarre confesados.