Monday, September 22, 2008

“They’re Doing Exactly What We Did In The Depression”

Well, the DOW is down another 234 points this morning so far and another week of market gyrations begins. Some knowledgeable people are making a killing on the day trading gambit, but overall the market continues to spike downward while politicians spiel hyperboles and macro big government interventions to support the failed systems they already built over recent decades. This takes the phrase “may you live in interesting times” to a whole new level.

I truly don’t want to appear to be making Ron Paul a messianic figure in the midst of these crises. After all, he is only one little man speaking out contrarian advice to the hordes and masses against the full force of the two major political parties and the current administration at the helm of this huge debacle. Unfortunately he is about the only voice of reason speaking out on these issues while other potential leaders and candidates hide behind popular opinion and balancing over political “safety nets”…keep your mouth shut and you won’t make any mistakes, right? Later on you’ll be able to pronounce whose side you were on once you see who the bloody survivors are. Nice…

Government propping of the dollar, increased stipulations and manipulations of industries, proposed new bureaus of government to increase oversights and controls…all visions and cycles we saw in the Great Depression. This is scary stuff folks, and economically leads us onward into renewed conflicts and even “World War”. In the cycle of human events, when humanity gets hungry or scared, they get angry and unreasonable. When they get to the fatalistic level, they are capable of the most unimaginable actions against “their enemies”…including pushing buttons of nuclear warfare.

These are perilous times, and we had better get some right answers and set our house in order. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even watch or listen to these current Presidential contenders right now with their empty promises, lack of detail in their planning, and seemingly only able to point the finger at the other guy while avoiding the issues.

I am afraid for America whichever of the two key parties gets into the White House.


Timothy S. said...

I agree with your thoughts on this... I personally have lost faith in the government and all parties involved.

I feel that it is time for us to work together on a local level to take care of our community issues.

There are children, elderly, families, and individuals who need help now... I feel that combining the efforts of non-profits with corporate, foundation, and individual giving can help make a differnce for all.

The government is like a disconnected confused parent that is neglecting their children. It's time for the older Brother and Sisters to step up and take care of the little ones.


Bibiana said...

Nuevamente, mi observacion es acerca de los medios, no dan la suficiente oportunidad a todos los candidatos, como el Sr.Ron Paul, para que todos los posibles votantes, tengan la oportunidad de conocer sus ideas y objetivos de su campana politica.

Anonymous said...
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