Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's the Fourth Quarter...and I Have Already Voted...

Well folks...tonight is the 2nd debate between the Presidential candidates. We are less than a month away where we finally get this election over with. Its 3rd down, fourth quarter...and I HAVE ALREADY VOTED!

One of the benefits of living offshore are you get to submit your ballot from afar and send it in early. Hopefully this secures it gets counted...not that my vote will help either of tonight's two candidates.

Has anyone beside me been turned off by the lack of leadership, constant negative campaigning, lack of agenda and fresh ideas during this current long and drawn out election season? On one hand you have the incumbent party front runners flip flopping on every issue known to man, bringing in what I can only politely describe as a "token" female VP candidate, and carrying the mantel of attack and sensationalist politics to a whole new level. On the other hand, you have the traditional "new idea", "new deal" party coming up to the plate with their own finger pointing campaign while representing a controlled congress of the past 4 years that is arguably the worst/weakest set of leaders ever! ALL OF THEM were asleep at the wheel on this current economic meltdown...and all these contenders can do is point the finger at the OTHER guy ASAP. Neither of the two parties has any claim to leadership on the economic issues of the day. Hell, two of Obama's committee leaders were former heads of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac who snuck out with mega millions from those organizations as they were going down. How can ANY of these people hold their heads high on this economy? And...it IS all about the economy...stupid.

While it will probably be entertaining to see the debaters go at it tonight...my mind is made up and I have already voted. In the state of Florida we had FOURTEEN Presidential candidates to choose from! Why were none of these included in these national debates? Good question...because most all of them have some new/fresh ideas to contribute...but our national media and corporate complex has chosen NOT to let their voices be heard. The candidates are (in order of ballot appearance):

Gene Amondson: Prohibition Party
Charles O. Baldwin: Constitutional Party
Robert L. Barr: Independent, Libertarian
Roger Calero: Socialist Workers Party
Charles Jay: Independent Boston Tea Party
Alan L. Keyes: America's Independent Party
Gloria E. La Riva: Socialism and Liberation Party
John S. McCain: Republican
Cynthia Ann McKinney: Green Party
Brian P. Moore: Socialist Party USA
Ralph Nader: Ecology Party
Gary Nettles: Write-In
Barack H. Obama: Democratic
Thomas R. Stevens: Objectivist

Now, with all those choices, it was a hard call between Thomas Stevens and the "Objectivists" who have the basic platform of..."The source of the government's authority is "the consent of the governed." This means that the government is not the ruler, but the servant or agent of the citizens; it means that the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the citizens for a specific purpose", and Charles Baldwin of the Constitutional Party whose mission statement reads "to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity through the election, at all levels of government, of Constitution Party candidates who will uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. It is our goal to limit the federal government to its delegated, enumerated, Constitutional functions and to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations."...

At the end of deliberation, I had to go with the more established Constitutional Party since I think it is too late for "pure" Objectivism. I think a bit of faith tied to rational effort and reasoning is not a bad thing. Baldwin also has a pretty good read on the need to solidify our borders, get a handle on illegal immigration while allowing legal, constitutional immigration to proceed. They also believe in taking care of the home front domestic issues before funding and getting burned out on all the foreign affairs that are breaking the will and the financial backbone of our country.

While globalism is with us forever with the shrinking of the world and growing mindshare spurred by technology (internet) and historic cross migrations of people and ideas...it is still within principle to say "I cannot save my brother if I cannot save myself". In other words, if I can't pay my own rent, I surely can't afford to loan or give anyone else a cent”. The USA is unfortunately now in this position...and it is just a damn shame that we have been taken over by a dim witted, two party system (and media that supports it) that has no answers and replaces truth for a lie.

Yea , yea...I know...some of you will say "you are wasting your vote". I know...either McCain or Obama will be our next President. But you won't be able to say I did not vote my conscience, and if what I think is going to happen happens...you will be seeing some major changes in the lifestyle of Americans. And...I hope in the long run these painful times will lead to a more democratic, multiparty system where we will truly have freedom and justice...for ALL! Not just Republicans and Democrats.


Timothy said...

Well you ended up picking a party that is in my mind worse than the republican party, I find it commendable you went with a minor party. It's a shame that it won't make a difference. In australia, in the senate we have a few minor parties who hold seats, such as the greens, family first, and used to be one nation and democrats, among others. Last election i voted for one of the major parties in the house of representatives, but went with the Greens in the senate.

Nevertheless, after looking at the constitutional parties platform, some of the ideas really scare me. For example, they want to abolish the department of education (who will that help?), they deny the existence of global warming, they believe that domestic aid is unconstitutional, they want to stop participating in the UN, oppose involvement in ANY world court, NO foreign aid, unrestricted gun rights, no social security, and no free trade. The only thing I did like was their opposition to the Partiot Act. Do you believe in any of this stuff?

edward said...

Hi Tim. Good observations and questions as usual. While I cant say I am necessarily for all the platform, it does come closest to my political views of any others right now. I would have gone Libertarian, but Bob Barr the candidate himself doesnt agree with half their platform, so that negates him. I also have to admit I was swayed a little by Ron Paul's endorsement of the Constitutional candidate as well.

Overall, I do not believe the role of federal government is to be social director for the country, especially one the size of the USA. And, since we are basically bankrupt, sorry, no more money to dole out to the UN, all the puppet states we are used to running and controlling with our handouts, etc. We cant even get our own poor and homeless of the streets in the USA. And Africa is sending missionaries to...New York City now...to help lead US back to God. So...as you can see...with things so upside down, we have to get back to simple basics and not trying to police or control the world at large. It's just not viable any more.

I'm sure we'll have more to debate down the road on this:).


Bibiana said...

Bueno, vamos a ver que pasa esta noche en el debate, la verdad no creo que las cosas vayan a cambiar mucho. Lo que no hicieron en los meses pasados, ya no lo van a hacer esta noche.

Me alegro por tu voto por el Sr.Barr, esta bien, es tu derecho como ciudadano, ademas es democratico.

Lo que si no es democratico es la forma como los medios manipulan el pueblo, mostrando solo los dos candidatos con mas opcion.

Buena suerte para EEUU, pais hermoso.

Timothy said...

I can sympathise with the sentiment Ed, but the practical implications of alot of these policies really boggle the mind. Eliminating all forms of foreign aid would starve millions. Everyone knows the UN is imperfect, but it has alot of functions that the world really depends on. Most of what they achieve is done through their subsidiary organisations such as UNICEF.

Removing social security, and privatising ALL health care will really put alot of Americans lives in jeapordy, much worse than it is at the moment. Gun rights are pretty lax as they are, far too lax in my opinion, but if things such as waiting periods, background checks, and assault rifle bans are just tossed aside, the homicide/suicide rate will skyrocket. Globalised trade has some negative aspects, such as outsourcing, but what is the alternative? Honestly it sounds like this party wants to take America back TO the times of the constitution.

Liking anti-Government rhetoric is one thing, but following the practical implications of it is quite another.

edward said...

Tim...what is unfortunately "impractical" is my country's national debt, it's citizen's personal debt factors, and now the multiple TRILLIONS in "CMOs" (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations) and CDS's (Credit Default Swaps) which have been leveraged to cover up all our mis spending and over valuated holdings under all this paper that reaches international money systems. Those false platforms have been what sustains all the money sent to support our wars and the SCORES of countries the USA government has been GIVING money to. Money that it doesnt have.

So...PRACTICALLY speaking, this has to stop now, and we and the rest of the world have to drink the hard medicine of reality. We have to teach people to fish versus just give them fish. We have to sustain our own democracy before trying to impart it to others. We have to float our own boat before we can take in any more stragglers to democracy and free enterprise. Yes, it is going to be nasty...and fatal in many cases. But...that is a reality of life...and death...when you have been living on borrowed time and money for DECADES.

In the long run, this can and will correct itself...but if we dont start, the whole world could implode. Maybe that is what "some" people want...especially those who harbor apocalyptic fantasies...but it doesnt HAVE to be that way.

But the answer starts with the "power of one"...each person doing their part to take care of their own space in this life. If each individual just worked smarter and harder to take care themselves, their families and their communities...these statist government systems would not have the pressure, or the obligation, nor the permission to sustain these unsustainable systems for the masses.

This is not to say I dont feel for the poor and downtrodden people of the world or my own country. I try and help when and as best I can. But the first duty of freedom is to defend and support that freedom. After that, one can pursue helping others arrive to that principle and lifestyle as well. Unfortunately, the masses in history have not been allowed or exposed to the concept of free and independent living. And, it is something they have to TAKE. It is not something freely given by governments and/or religion. I feel my main responsibility and goal in life now is to sustain...and share...my knowledge and freedom...because I do not want to live in slavery to "the world" or wrongful ideologies that bring death and destruction.