Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Technologies...Hope for the Future

In the midst of all the world's bad economic and environmental news, I have been looking for "good news" lately to get me up in the morning with a better, more positive perspective for the future. I am happy to report that if we look for it, there are many new discoveries and technologies that will over time bring significant improvements to life for MILLIONS of humanity. Let's look at just three varied ideas and or businesses that can have significant impact when fully developed and marketed.

New Solar energy technologies show great hope for bringing cheaper and cleaner energy sources to the masses. Wired News brings a report of advances in "Solar Ring" technology which can make ice in the middle of the desert from simple solar energy. The solar ice maker is an attractive technology. Clean, portable and relatively cheap, solar ice makers could make the storage of high-value perishable items a reality in hot, poor regions. Refrigeration technology throughout the world is one of the biggest "polluters" of our globe. The emissions from Freon and combustible engines that run most refrigeration trucks and buildings is tremendously hard on the global environment. Like so many things in life, the technologies we rely on to help us survive heat and cool our drinks and living space also contribute tremendously to the cancers and other diseases our environment brings us. This new technology alone can significantly help offset the costs to our health and pocketbooks when we demand cold carbonated drinks and frosty living environments in tropical climates.

I also loved the next story on Wired about the "rental goats" being used to clear unwanted vegetation from fire-prone slopes and polluted landfills...without the use of harmful chemicals or lawnmowers. They even consume and digest certain waste products like paper trash. We see these same affects on our development project here in Panama on Lake Gatun. We have a few head of cattle and horses who keep almost 100 acres of open tropical grassy land mowed down to a very traversable level even at the height of rainy season. They provide natures best fertilizer all self contained on the property. I love observing God's natural order in motion to solve some of the simplest problems modern day man encounters. I'm thinking about buying into a herd of goats now since their milk and cheese products are apparently very high in nutrients and protein needed for a healthy human diet. Thank God Noah put a couple of these creatures on the Ark.

Finally, I loved the idea of the "Inflatable House" that can provide temporary shelter during a catastrophe. This mini inflatable world provides a bed, couch, freeze-dried food, a 50 gallon water bladder, a first-aid kit, radio and a cook stove. A fully livable "home" for less than $3,900! This was another American business idea and I can think of many applications for this genius creation. I'm sure it is a much cheaper and more humane solution than has been previously implemented during disasters such as Katrina and the various increasing devastation we are seeing caused by global weather changes.

So today I am encouraged and motivated by seeing progress on so many fronts in meeting our global challenges of clean and inexpensive energy creation, and humane and ingenious solutions for easing the human condition on planet earth. May all who push these envelopes be successful, rich, and encouraged to keep on their paths of intelligent living.


Bibiana said...

Hola Ed.

Otra vez, sorprendiendome con temas amenos y divertidos. Este blog, interesante para conocer algo nuevo.

Bueno, de la energia solar ya yo conocia, pero de “este “ anillo solar de enrgia” asi como, las “Cabras para renta” y la “casa inflable” De estas dos ultimas, absolutamente, no tenia idea,

Disfrute mucho escuchando y viendo el video sobre las cabras, ademas de que siempre me han parecido unos animalitos muy dulces y simpaticos, no conocia que fueran a ser tan utiles para ayudar a la conservacion del medio ambiente, comiendo las plantas secas, papel y otra basura que se encuentra en los campos, especialmente aqui en Panama, que cuando viene la temporada seca, hay tantos incendios por la vegetacion seca, lastimosamente, la mayoria de ellos ocasionada por el hombre, y su ignorancia.

La casa inflable, me parecio una idea bastante buena y seria de una gran ayuda para paises del tercer mundo, donde la gente esta sufriendo tanto por los fuertes inviernos, que se estan viendo ahora por el calentamiento global. En mi pais Colombia, este ano a sido bastante fuerte el invierno y mucha gente ha muerto, quedando sin un lugar donde refugiarse, por dias hasta que el gobierno les tienda la mano, puede pasar mucho tiempo..

Buen blog, divertido e instructivo.

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