Monday, June 15, 2009

Children and the Arts...Hope for Global Unification

This video is another prime example of how the world should let the children lead the charge of global sharing and integration through the arts and cultural understanding. There is nothing like the arts and education to underscore the universality of human potential and accomplishment. If fostered from an early age, I am quite convinced our mind share could be quickly advanced to one of global unity and understanding instead of conflict and bloodshed. Yes, I know, you think I am still hearing John Lennon's song "Imagine" ringing through my head, and maybe I am...but I still have to believe that our world can be re-educated to one of GLOBAL Patriotism and unifying our humanity in pursuit of excellence while at the same time giving a helping hand to the poor and downtrodden so they don't want to steal from or annihilate us.

I purposely share this video featuring unspectacular production or effects, not necessarily the most talented child prodigies, and even narrated in a non-English offer the point that artistic expression and sharing can be attained at all levels of accomplishment. Also, if we can't understand a foreign language, it is going to be difficult to communicate or understand the other...but it is still possible. The examples of these young children from Germany and S. Korea rooting each other on, dancing together and enthusiastically applauding each other inspires hope at the core of my soul that peace and prosperity still has a chance on a global scale. It just has to start with mind share and the "power of one". We each need to start this process in our own world or environment...and we need to encourage it to be started with the children which will shape their tendencies forever towards understanding and accepting others instead of building walls and borders and shooting weapons at each other from afar.

I experienced this personally as a teenager when I was honored to spend a summer at the Interlochen Music Camp. This institution started by Joseph Maddy in the early 1900s is still going strong today on his dream of developing the arts as a "universal language" between youth around the globe. I plan a visit for a concert there the first week of July. My awareness and acceptance of "otherness" was built by this and other experiences I had as a youth. It framed my curiosity and pursuit of understanding cultures and races outside of my own. It showed me at an early age that excellence and knowledge comes from ALL of humanity...not just my own country or culture. My life experience is much richer with the ensuing experiences, travels and relationships developed by this context. Experience and interaction is the best teacher.

Let us hope that enough of humanity and private movements in our world can begin to reduce the power and influence of Statist solutions that tend to be focused on arms races and State sovereignty and replace that with a more inclusive and accepting tolerance of difference. If the states have their way, they will continue programming and educating the children to hate others and append a false pride in their own race or nationality. I sure hope someday the peace movements will start winning over the "power" movements.

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Bibiana said...

Realmente muy bonito, es gratificante ver la potencia de estos ninos para la musica y el canto.
Lastimosamente esto solo pasa en los paises desarrollados, en otros lugares es dificil fomentar el arte y apoyar a los ninos en la musica. Solo si sus padres los patrocinan.
Esta bien comprobado que a los ninos cuando se les educa en la musica y su lectura, son mas listos para el resto de sus actividades.

Buen blog, relajante y divertido.