Thursday, January 21, 2010

Say Goodbye to Free and Fair Elections in the USA

A split decision announced today by the Supreme Court that removes limits on corporate and labor donations to political campaigns has in my opinion just erased any chance for a true democracy and free or fair elections in the USA. You will now see more of the "haves" steamrolling campaigns over the "have-nots"...and the elected leaders will be the best money can buy. I am just totally disgusted with my country's system right now. Call it the "best option" we have as a government model, but to me this just insures the continued downfall of our democracy and constitutional government. You had better find LOTS of money fast to have any voice in your American government.

The core problem is that the masses follow the media and believe everything they see or hear on TV or the radio. Since most of that media is controlled by wealthy, connected individuals and corporations who call the shots on programming...well, you have to be blind to miss the connection.

We don't have to go very far back to see the results of big money winning or controlling elections. Just look at the recent mayoral office won and paid for by New York's Mayor Bloomberg. Per the Daily News figures on his campaign, Bloomberg spent over $64,756,118.47...more than 16 times the $3,826,466 his rival, city Controller William Thompson, spent just to be a MAYOR! Imagine now what the next Presidential win will cost a contender. The days of an Abraham Lincoln becoming president of the USA have just flown out the window. This is a sad day for political justice in the USA...and will affect future world history if I read my tea leafs correctly. I guess in America's version of democracy...only Bloombergs, Rockerfellers, Kennedys and Bushes are allowed at the helm of leadership. This ruling has reaffirmed this.

Sure, I know some can make an argument as Justice Kennedy did ( he related to...?) that freedom and free speech granted in the constitution should not inhibit people and corporations in doing what they want with their money and media. Yet we have limits on free speech if it incites rioting or is defaming of another person or entity. Any reasonable person in my opinion should be able to grasp the immorality of money controlling politics and elections. Our system is now basically one of "voting with dollars". What has happened to that "beacon on the hill" of USA freedom and democracy? I am afraid it is quickly going to ruin and this quiet action by the supreme court of the land has just pushed that ahead at a more rapid pace. One may soon have nobody real to vote for in elections there.

With this interpretation of the Supreme Court, I think you can throw all these campaign contribution limits out the window as well. CLICK HERE. How can they limit individual contributions if corporations and labor unions have no limits? Just look for more of your national GNP going towards controlling elections that keep the inept people in power who control all aspects of America's economic lifespan. Amazing how there's no money for those who can't afford health-care or insurance...but no limit of funds to get cronies elected. Goodbye America.

Campaign Finance Reform is now officially dead. I still think there are many good ideas for reforming electoral laws described at Wikipedia on the subject...but obviously politicians will see little value in "free and fair elections". They like their inside track system even though it takes up to 25% of their time in office just to raise funds for the next election. Ugly truths are never fun to talk about.

Do any of you still back there keeping the lights on in the USA see the danger in this as well?


Beth said...

It is absolutely disgusting, Ed. Who is paying the Supreme Court off?

Your fan,

edward said...

Good question Beth. I have been participating in some other blog conversations on this ruling. Just to add a summary comment on this court ruling...I quote what I wrote on another friend's blog...

"I don't fault the reasoning about corporations having these (campaign funding) rights as well as individuals. My problem is in unlimited financial influence on our whole political process. This ruling just catapulted the status quo more completely in the wrong direction. The only way to have clean elections is to cap the amount candidates can spend ... and allow each candidate equal access/time in public forums to debate/represent their ideas. This is the only way to make public office accessible and equal for all. Many great candidates are often unable to run for office because of these financial obstacles. This court ruling just keeps us going down that path. Sorry. Its not about corporations or their rights. It is about the MONEY controlling our democracy."

sonia bibiana said...

Esto es todo por los politicos hambrientos de su deseo de controlar todo, tener poder y controlar dinero.

Politicos son una desgracia para todas las naciones, corrupcion y ruina es todo lo que traen.