Monday, July 12, 2010

And you thought Colombia was dangerous?

As I do business, travel and have family in Colombia...I am continually asked "isn't it dangerous there?". I had two people send me news about killings of 6 people in a bar in Medellin, Colombia last week. While I do not know all the circumstances behind those killings, I couldn't help but wonder how that somehow "proves" that life is dangerous in Colombia. As I have been explaining to many people in recent years, crime statistics are rising more in North America than they are in places like Colombia. Why are so many worried about Colombia and not the danger in their "own back yards"?

Here are a few interesting clips of the past few days that I think illustrate my point of where danger lies...a job site in New Mexico, a hospital in Tennessee, and restaurants in both Miami and Los Angeles. I maintain my claim that I sense more danger of violent crime in my own country than I do in Colombia or Panama. "Madness" tied to a gun unfortunately happens just about anywhere in the world these days. I will not allow this reality to keep me living in fear inside my own home...wherever that may be.

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