Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I will not...

I will not crave for that which I cannot have
I will not give what is not mine to give
I will not kiss my enemy or slap my friend
I will not suffer fools lightly

I will not have my dreams squashed by the limits of your imagination
I will not lose hope because of your despair
I will not spend my short time on this earth waiting for you to love me
I will not devote one day to a cause or person I don´t believe in

I will not accept your lack of respect
I will not give in to the invasion of my privacy
I will not be judged by you neither be your judge
I will not live for you nor expect you to live for me

I will not be limited by your limits
I will not be easily talked into surrender
I will not go through life aimless or without direction
I will not demand more of you than I demand of myself

I will not cower in the face of adversity
I will not easily wilt against life`s pressures
I will not live as if I am dying
I will not die without dignity

--Ed Thurston 2011


sonia bibiana said...

Muy bueno, de acuerdo en todo. BB

Beth said...

With our thoughts we make the world...

If, like the Buddha said, this is true,
What is the world I am making today?
Is it one of worry
Filled with the first anxious thoughts
That fill the mind
After the alarm clock's unwelcome sound?
Or, if a dream,
A good one,
Awakes me,
Is it from a world of fantasy Defined by desire?

Let me make a world
Of spaciousness,
With borders broad enough
To hold all life's events,
A world of calm
Where the center holds,
And even fear and sadness
Have a place To rest.

edward said...

Nice...thanks Beth