Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Core Freedom..."Decision"

One freedom that is universal among humans is the freedom of “Decision”. We humans of sound mind are making decisions almost every waking moment…what to eat, who to spend our time with, even deciding what we are going to think about. The core of our beings and levels of success reached is in direct relationship to the decisions that we make. Obviously some decisions are more momentous than others.

As I have been writing frequently these past years about the continuous erosion of freedoms represented in this world where the institutions and governments want to continuously usurp their controls and values over the individual rights and sovereign freedoms of people…it is often comforting to realize that at least up until now they cannot control our minds or the decisions we make…unless we let them. To that end, it is important for each of us to realize the freedom…and power…we each have in our abilities to think and decide for ourselves.

Even prisoners of the state or in war zones have freedom to decide. They can decide to give in to their captors, or they can decide to look for ways of escape. Even prisoners under torture can “escape” within their own minds if they have the will and training to do so. There are many stories of POWs who under extreme hardships and torture were able to focus on other thoughts apart from the pain and deprivation they were being put under in order to survive and eventually prevail over their circumstances.

Of course we can`t take lightly the great “deciders” of our time such as former President George W Bush and the current President Obama who have made some huge “decisions” on our part as to what role and rights government should have over us. So many decisions have such huge consequences…not so much for the decider…but for those affected BY the decider. The decisions by the USA government over the past 10 years based on the 9/11 catastrophe continue to shape and change the world and our country at a very rapid pace, not necessarily for the better. These leader`s actions and reactions…their decisions…have led to the loss of thousands and thousands of lives all around the world…and not just the “bad guys”. Having read the book of former President Bush and observed his interviews during his “book tour”, it continues to alarm me how shallow and “matter of fact” his attitudes seem to be over some of those key decisions…such as Iraq and Afghanistan invasions.

We now live in a very different world whether we realize it or not. It is now for each of us to “decide” how we will live…in relationship to all these other decisions that were made for us. My observation is that most people tremendously undervalue the power and affect of THEIR decisions. A majority of Americans I am quite convinced have made NO decisions about what they think or feel about the status of their country in the world…either economically or politically. Most of them have made no “decision” to read and study the issues that affect them so. Most have decided that they can`t do anything or impact change on that which they don’t like or agree with. Many have decided to let others like the “Tea Party” or one party or another decide for them what positions should be taken on the many huge issues our country and world faces. A majority of the world have relinquished this core freedom of thinking and deciding for themselves. Many of them have decided that eating, drinking and escaping these realities is the best reaction for them. It is this majority who will enable the quiet and ominous minority who seek to control the masses and macro economic factors we all live under.

I challenge every person reading this to examine themselves as to how they have handled their core freedom of “deciding”. Have you decided to control your own fate, or just to ease on down the road with the rest of the masses? Have you decided to live long and healthily, or have you decided to live abusing yourself and rejecting the notions of self control and discipline that might improve one’s quality of life? Have you decided to live off society and entitlements, or have you decided to take pride in a self sustained and planned outcome of economic self sufficiency? Have you decided what and why you believe in something beyond yourself…or have you decided to just not care or capitulate to the society around you?

Fortunately for all…the freedom of “decision” is never completely lost…and is often times rediscovered…simply by deciding to do so.

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sonia bibiana said...

De acuerdo, la libertad es una decisión que cada uno puede tomar.