Monday, March 5, 2012

Believing in people...

In the history of this blog I have spent a lot of time discussing and analyzing issues of faith and beliefs. Obviously, in my minds eye the institutions that promote faith and beliefs have come up wanting when it comes to reason and truly good works. These institutions prop up many myths in order to control people`s behaviors and establish cultural "mores" that aren't always in the best interests of "the people". Instead, they propagate easy answers to the hard questions so that people don`t have to THINK for themselves or take responsibility for their own actions. If God or the Devil is there to blame for everything we do, it takes quite a bit of heat off our own screw-ups or lack of understanding.

If I have to believe in something "blindly" or with a "leap of faith", I think I will prefer and be further ahead to believe in "people". Yea...I know...people always let you down or never measure up to your expectations...but then again one must question where those expectations come from. Since the "powers that be" have continually let us down as well, I might as well believe in "people".

I know some people will label this "humanist" or putting "man" at the center of all things...but at the center of most religions I find that the holy books have put "man" at the center of all cause and effect in human history. Man was given "dominion" over this earth and all other living beings according to Genesis. And while man has continually screwed up by killing his fellow man or brother over pitiful jealousy and emotional rage...there are also many cases of selfless, courageous acts of leadership that changed the world throughout the stories and writings that make up history and religious writs. Apparently man and his own thinking were what caused us to lose the "Garden of Eden" in the first place...and it now seems that man is on the block for making restitution for all that and "finding his way back home" like a prodigal son.

For all our faults and disappointments in each other, I still BELIEVE in the core good of most men and women. While the masses have drunk the "Koolaid" of negative self esteem and helplessness purported by most of our institutions...I continue to hold out hope and belief that people CAN change. People can change their minds. People can change their attitudes. People can LEARN if they want to. Our biggest problem is lack of faith in ourselves and our potentials...both individually and together.

Even now during the world`s upheavals with the masses in so many suppressed regions uniting and acting out their rejection of tyranny and dictatorships throughout the world...we are seeing a rare phenomenon in this century of "the people" becoming revolutionary again. Arabs, Jews, Indians...Americans, Europeans and Asians alike...everywhere you turn you see examples of "enlightenment" and progress in the masses taking back their own sovereignty and self fulfillment. Sure, many of them are falling back on fundamental religious calling to fuel their devotion and action...and thousands are dying every week right now in greater Arabia and Africa as they fight against regimes and tyrants who have imprisoned them for so long and raped and pillage their countries economically and literally. I think "the people" are awakening in alarming numbers to the oppressors who oversee them...and the state controlled medias are working overtime to question the "rightness" or divide the world in their views of these many revolts.

Quite often you will hear or read in the media a statement such as "we don`t know who will take over in the cases of these overthrown regimes". "We don't know who their true leaders are" behind this movement or what direction they will take their country. Most of the people or powers that have that concern are those powers who are arming or otherwise manipulating or seeking to manipulate the outcome of these revolutions. The assumption you tend to hear is that the results will be a chaotic mess with a lack of centralized power and government within certain small countries. I say it is about time that the chaotic people had a chance to sort these things out for themselves. Sure, there are going to be more injustices and new depots rising to the occasion of trying to manipulate countries for their own gains. Yet, I still believe in most cases if "the people" truly have the freedom to replace their institutions without outside interference...they will typically do so to their own ways and cultures...and this is not a bad thing.

The other reality that most of us don´t like to recognize is the old theory of "Survival of the fittest". Yes, the spoils of war and upheaval typically go to the strongest and most prepared people within a population. It has been my opinion for a long time that leadership throughout the world is at an all time low. When this happens, it is no wonder that the people arise and overthrow their leaderships. There is much more of this to come, even in the good ole US of A. The info age and technology has allowed "the people" to quickly catch up to the powers that be in knowing what has and is going on. With new light shed on so many things...revolution and change are going to be the mode of the day...probably for the rest of my lifetime.

Many questions remain on what will come from all this conflict and turmoil. I for one believe these are tremendous times of opportunity to make change and difference for our futures. Yes, there is a likelihood of major wars and destruction in many parts of the world. We have built all these weapons of mass destruction that seem to have a destiny of being used by the few who think they have the right to make the call to use them. Yet, out of whatever ashes remain from such conflicts, I continue to believe in the reason and power of individuals to rebuild and recreate a better world in the long term. Maybe when all the bad people have killed each other off...the GOOD people will have a better chance to take the reins and build a more kind and gentle world.

I pray to God that the people will step up to the challenge. I don`t think God has lost faith in US...we have simply lost faith in ourselves.

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