Friday, May 3, 2013

Modern day Slaves...

I hate to be the one to inform you, but most of you reading my blog are living your lives in virtual SLAVERY.  You are not truly free or independent to live where or how you might like without permission from many of your "slave-owners".  Let me explain briefly how this has happened...and what you can do about it.

For most of us, this started from our first days after birth. We were brought into this world innocent and free to become whatever our individual potentials might have been. Unfortunately, most of our parents were unknowing slaves to institutions and governments who have for generations perpetuated an agenda for limiting individual freedoms in the name of God and country.

While we were yet infants we were taught, or it was demanded of us, to form our identities around a flag of nationhood and/or around symbols of a blind faith in God or his "representatives".  Day after day we were prodded and educated to replicate the behaviors and attitudes of our forefathers , pay tribute to our governments and to "put God first in our lives"...unless of course we prefer going to jail...or hell.

Our history books were written and edited with patriotic fervor...extolling only the positive actions and virtues of our national histories. At least in the USA textbooks, all our wars, invasions and conflicts were justified and moral. Plus...God was usually on our side and called upon by all our rulers to bless our wars and prefer our nation and race over all others. Freedom and honor was always the patriotic rallying cry from all institutions in one unified voice...military, political and religious. Amazingly, most other civilized nations had the same prayer towards the same God, but apparently some of them were not heard.

The unintended consequences of nationalist victory was more and more controls and demands from burgeoning governments and new global organizations such as the League of Nations, United Nations, World Bank, etc.. With the end of every major war in the past century, government leaders realigned borders and barriers to divide the world into separate "fiefdoms" of governmental controls.  Masses of the world were forced to align under despotic leader after power hungry leader who were often put in position by the big three global powers of the day to control the masses and force styles of government and trade mandated by those few empirical powers.

Taxation without representation became the mode of the day throughout the world...democratic and non democratic systems alike. Distribution of goods and services, money and commodities, were all controlled by a few hundred "leaders" around the world...most of them politicos, lawyers or bankers.  Without the general knowledge or consensus of common individuals, we now find our rights and freedoms to live and move about at will to be totally controlled by these mysterious and unnamed forces. "They" are the ones who issue us passports...or not...for leaving our countries of origin or residence or entering those we have interest in. "They" are the ones who control and manipulate our currencies and costs of food, gas, clothing and travel.  We have unwittingly become the "slaves" of large unknown powers...who we THINK we can vote in and out of power...but realistically we have no objective knowledge or power to determine our leaders/slaveholders anymore.

For the foreseeable future, gone are the concepts of laissez faire economics, free trade or free association.  Technology has become a double edged sword of giving us freedom of information and perspective, yet also that same technology has obliterated your privacy and freedom to come and go as you please or worse yet, move YOUR money from one place or currency to another.

The worst slavery is that form where the slave does not know he is kept. Its like raising rats in a large cage featuring a maze where their whole short lives are spent trying to figure out how to find their way out...but they are never allowed to succeed.  That is how many of us are living our lives...trying to convince ourselves that the institutional "mazes" we live in are truly for our own good and the masses around us.  Heaven forbid should we ever find ourselves truly free from the masses to operate on our own levels of freedom and self determination.  We might never survive without all these controls over our lives. We are forced to live like Sméagol in "Lord of the Rings" who had been deformed and twisted in both body and mind by the corruption of the Ring. His chief desire was to possess the Ring that had enslaved him, and he pursued it for many years. To me he is simply an allegory for how so much of the human race lives on a daily basis...our lives of "quiet desperation".

The saddest fact of how most of us live our lives is that we do not realize we are enslaved.  We do not know what it is like to take 100% responsibility and control for our existences. A majority of the world lives totally dependent on one system or another of mass domination and manipulation. We are not allowed to see or know information about the conflicts and economic policies of our governmental rulers.  We are not encouraged to know or understand the history of the religious books so many of us base our lives on. We simply accept the social handouts and "guarantees" of basic survival and are so proud of how we play our various systems to get more of a handout than our neighbor next door.  We compete in the feeding troughs of the masses while never discovering the riches to be had outside of the system/maze we are in.

So, what are our alternatives?  If we suddenly wake up to these realizations, what can we do?  In my mind, we basically have two choices.

One, we simply escape the systems, recede to some distant, more basic style/standard of living where money is not an issue or an object.  Like the heroes in "Atlas Shrugged", we need to discover the secret and lost community where we can live and express ourselves freely and not depend on the machinations of the mainstream systems. OR...

Two...we must strive and grapple to get more than our share of money and power in the current system.  If we become part of the bankers or politicos who control the system...this is the only way we are above the rules and regulations of that system.  We need to become part of the "crony" network to succeed with this option.

Sorry...I wish I had more options, ideas and hope for getting out of slavery...but until more of the masses realize just how captured they are...there will be no strong movement towards a truly free and independent way to live. Until we get out of the control of mainstream media, educational systems and religious programming...we will never know our true selves, potentials...or the TRUTH.


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