Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 Ways to Lower Gas Prices

This video was passed to me today by my uncle. It makes a lot of sense and I support Newt Ginrich’ idea of making this 4th of July “Energy Independence Day”. It is obvious we have more alternatives than just continuing lining the pockets of the Arab states that don’t like us very much. We just need to lean on our country’s leaders to get out of their rut, quit favoring the side of big oil/big contributor money base they are getting fat on…and find real solutions to our countries energy crisis which is hugely adding to our ECONOMIC crisis.

While I support increased drilling of our own oil resources in a responsible and carefully monitored manner as a "bandaid" to our current dilemma, it is very important for our environment and future needs to heavily invest in alternative energy such as solar, wind and yes…nuclear energy. As Newt states, a hydrogen based energy supply would be much cleaner for our environment and cheaper to produce. We just need to ramp up quickly to wean ourselves off this oil dependency and continued pollution of our global atmosphere.

The Democrats want to tax their way to a solution on energy and gas costs. Take from the rich, give to the poor...AGAIN. The Republicans just want to “supply” their way out of the mess by increased drilling just about anywhere. Neither one is a long term solution to a long festering problem. I truly don’t understand giving tax breaks on the record breaking profits of oil companies in this day and age. They should pay the same taxes as any other business in America. In that I side with the Democratic view. But…that is not a current solution to our bigger problem. And the Republicans going back to Reagan offered many incentives and ear marked money for new energy sources, but like most government controlled programs…it has been highly ineffectual in gaining momentum or replacing oil and carbon fuels. I personally believe there are many politically financial reasons for this in our government which I would love to get to the bottom of, but it is so buried in lies and hypocrisy that none of us would be able to bear the stench.

But, there ARE some things we can do. First, there is the voting booth in our upcoming elections. We should vote for people who can and will do something about this crisis. I personally plan to find online and support any movement and communications to our government related to moving on these issues NOW. There is some interesting info and groups that we can help support on this agenda at the following links. Lets DO something…


Bibiana said...

Este problema de la gasolina, es la lucha por el poder de los gobiernos en los diferentes paises.
Es el punto neuralgico, la piedra en el zapato. Cada uno cree tener la solucion, pero al final de cuentas, lo unico que interesa es la ganancia economica que cada uno pueda obtener.

A ningun lider mundial le interesa salvar el planeta o sus especies, cuando se tiene el poder y el dinero, se quiere mas y mas.

Anonymous said...
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