Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Offshore drilling versus conservation…

As these politicians continue flip-flopping, back filling, and twisting their positions on our oil and energy crisis…they are ALL quickly loosing my support or enthusiasm. John McCain now reverses himself on the issue of offshore drilling as does his potential VP nominee Charlie Crist, current governor of Florida (see article link above). There are all kinds of videos and documents online related to this issue and I haven’t had time to study this at length. So, I can only react to my “senses and sensibilities” on this issue.

I am for increasing our own production of oil and energy and being more self reliant than dealing/trading with our sworn enemies on these commodities. At the same time, I am for conservation and development of energy in a RESPONSIBLE manner. Do I trust government or oil companies with doing so? Absolutely not! Then who should do so?

I would love to see a special, bi partisan committee, a “commission” if you will, made up of government, conservation groups, business leaders, and yes, even the oil companies, to jointly discuss the best alternatives. This is as or more important than global warming in my opinion. Actually it will address THAT issue as well. Out of that should be a report just like the international commission did on global warming. From there, business and government should combine and report to Americans best practices and strategy towards generating our own energy…and including CONSERVATION in the mix!

By conservation, I mean more than “tree hugging”. NO ONE is talking practically or methodically about “conserving” or cutting back on our energy use. NO ONE is stepping up and saying they are for Americans to conserve and sacrifice on their personal use of gas, heat and air-conditioning, lighting in the streets and at home. Even Panama is doing more than I think most USA cities in cutting back their use of energy by demanding all billboards and office building signs be turned off/dark by 10PM. This alone saves tons of energy and dollars. Most of that move was driven by SUPPLY of electricity more than saving on the cost. But either way, good move Panama.

Now it’s time for Americans to cut back on these things. And yes, if consumption taxes are the only means to get the average Joe to cut back on driving their own cars EVERYWHERE or encourage them to start car-pooling, so be it (I cant believe I just supported taxation…but that’s how desperate the situation is in my mind). If we need to leverage city taxes to build more mass transit and reeducate the average American to use it by raising prices on individual consumption…so be it. Anyone who knows me knows I have little tolerance for government intervention in anything they are not constitutionally authorized to do. What I’m suggesting above may be a “gray” area constitutionally or legally, but compared to all the other silly things our government gets involved in (farm subsidies and legislating morality issues), this is much more important. Find a way to supply more of our own oil and gas while forcing us to cut back on consumption. Runaway consumerism should be a thing of the past with the international and domestic realities we face. It’s time for ALL patriotic Americans to get involved in this war on gas prices and energy consumption. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren will inherit the difficult realities and problems we are creating for their generations.


tiger007 said...

I'm certainly for drilling anywhere there are large quantities of oil...especially the oil shale in the western areas. If they would just tackle this problem like the getting a man to the moon or the Panama Canal project this country could probably be 80 to 100% oil independent within 5 to 6 years.

By that time perhaps more revolutionary methods of running motor vehicles can be close at hand.


Bibiana said...

Totalmente de acuerdo, petroleo y crisis energetica, son temas para los candidatos presidenciales en los Estados Unidos, tratados muy ligeramente, estan arriba y abajo. Es un tema tan neuralgico a nivel mundial que nadie quiere comprometerse fuertemente. Es como dice el dicho. "Una papa caliente" Nadie la quiere tocar...

Esto seria ideal, como Ed dice en su blog, si gobiernos, grupos de conservacion, grandes hombres influyentes y las companias de petroleos, se unieran para encontrar otras alternativas y soluciones a estos grandes costos de impuestos y precios del petroleo.

No creo que sea facil, tampoco, que los norteamericanos regulares y las empresas de este rico pais, esten dispuestos a bajar el nivel de sus comodidades, (numero de vehiculos por familia, gastos de luz, Aires Acondicionados, calentadores ambientales, publicidad,gasolina, etc) Para ayudar a disminuir la carga economica y mejorar el problema del calentamiento global.

Para muchas personas en los Estados Unidos, todavia esto no esta pasando, sino que es solo un tempa politico.

Increible pero cierto.

Otro buen blog para ponernos a pensar.

Timothy said...

Hey Ed,

I think you made a good point about people cutting back on their use of energy. It's interesting that in Australia the price of petrol has risen significantly in recent times, but consumption has not declined as much as they were expecting.

Another important aspect also is alternative energies. On the small scale, families can put solar panels up to help power things they use. Or they could consider a hybrid when next purchasing a car. On the large scale the Government can start taking advantage of wind farms and clean/renewable energy sources of many different kinds. It's a shame we don't have the personal will or political will to get any of this done.

Anonymous said...
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