Saturday, December 6, 2008

China Overtaking us Musically as well?

In viewing this video this morning, I couldn't help but wonder what this piece on musical education in China means to us competitively in the USA. All we seem to hear about is the growth and economic revolution going on in China, who happens to hold huge percentages of America's national debt. And while I'm sure we could find USA examples of similar music prodigies to compare to, I doubt our system keeps up with China in the growth in numbers of pianos sold and the enlargement of their concert halls to sustain the booming numbers attending classical concerts in China.

To me this is just another small example of how our American culture has digressed while others like China are rising. If we American's do not quickly rediscover our commitment to disciplined growth and development, we will continue to decline and be overcome by cultures that less than 50 years ago were in shambles.

For China's sake I truly hope the new spirit of freedom and development continues and helps their huge population feed and educate itself towards a more open society. For America's sake, I hope we don't fall into their historical condition of blindly following dictatorial leadership and hopeless causes.

It's time for healthy competition between all superpowers in the world. Competition in developing culture, economies and personal disciplines...not guns and bombs.


Bibiana said...

Hola Ed,

Gracias por otro blog refrescante y ameno. Impresionante el talento de este nino en China, verdaderamente uno ve la diferencia entre la cultura occidental vs oriental, en oriente, como tu dices, la gente es mas disciplinada y juiciosa de sus talentos.

Muy diferente a la cultura occidental, donde a veces se pierden los talentos y horizontes de la juventud por la presion que ejercen los medios, la economia, la politica.

Me encantan este tipo de blogs.

Anonymous said...
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