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(This is about the most difficult blog I have written to date)

While I count myself an "environmentalist" and believe in green and clean energy for improving our health and future quality of life, that does not make me a typical "tree hugger" or green "activist" trying to make a religion or major political movement out of the issue of ecology and the environment. I now find myself in a major quandary as I try to sort out a variety of new information and voices coming out against the message of "Global Warming" and CO2 emissions as a primary cause of our polluted planet. Throughout my life I have tried to keep an open mind about most major issues or conflict of thought. I admit I have no science background in most anything though I do my best to read and understand those basic sciences that affect my life and well being. I also accept core scientific principles as being rational and full of "cause and effect".

This past week as has been widely publicized (see this article), the email database of perhaps the most prestigious Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in Britain was hacked. The hackers then released to the public over 1000 emails and 3000 documents detailing extreme conflicts between major proponents of climatic change over how to deal with or deny substantial new data that harpoons the now common perception that the polar icecaps are melting and CO2 emissions are leading us into a quick meltdown of our world as we know it. This is alarming to me primarily because I will be very disheartened to find out that these decades of alarm will have been a hoax and "much ado about nothing".

Until this news came to light, I had been giving short thrift to the naysayers and the seemingly minority who deny the level or danger of climatic change. On most themes in life I have tried not to be extremist on anything and like to take "the center" position until I am otherwise completely convinced on a debatable subject. Now that these emails and documents have hit the air, even if by underhanded, hacker oriented means...I find myself taking a big pause in my thinking before making blanket statements in a field I have little firsthand knowledge in. Is seems we are now in the middle of "infowars"...and those who came out against the UN climate report or Al Gore's campaign for the "Inconvenient Truth" are being heard from every side this week.

Added to that is a couple days of intense email conversation with a gentleman from Germany that I had seen posting on some blogs that I follow, and when I challenged him with a few of my presuppositions, he has come back at me with some pretty heavy information and resources that have to be considered in balance with all I have taken for granted until this time. In addition to the above video, here are a few links that he has sent me, and I welcome any of you interested or concerned for knowing the truth about this intense and infinitely important subject to check out these links and get back to me on how it affects YOUR thinking...
Sea Ice Extend:
Temperature records since 1958:
Must read:
Antarctic Ice extend this winter reached an all time record

It seems that most of the anti "climate change", hoax accusers basically believe that governments don't care if climate change claims are fraudulent or not...they just want the taxes, power and control that this global mania can bring to their doorstep for "saving the planet". Now that these emails and documents are "out of the bag" regarding all the conflicts between scientists, business and government leaders on this theme, it might certainly derail the current plans for the major "Global warming" summits planned in Copenhagen and elsewhere in the coming weeks and months.

While I am still trying to grapple with the reasons why global government purveyors would see "global warming" or climate change as THE way to overcome the sovereign individuality of world is not implausible to me that there might be merit to that accusation. After all, we ARE seeing collusion between the G20 countries to eradicate tax competition in the world so they can snuff out small competitive tax regimes. I believe our own USA government has used the 9/11 hysteria in order to rush to war, limit its citizens privacy and core legal freedoms...a la the "Patriot Act". History has shown that if you give governments an inch, they will take a mile...and we are seeing this happen both within the superpower governments of the world and also attempts at consolidation of powers in the UN and other international bodies of trade and governance. You connect media outlets with this triumvirate of global powers, you have huge control over mass mind-share, even in these days of the internet.

In this age of the super-sized corporate industrial complex, super-sized governments, and super-sized banking powers behind all of is obviously not an advantageous time to be an independent "little guy"...or even "little country". The powers that are amassing have huge sway over "the system", and it makes one more understanding of the extremists both in Leftist governments and the "Jihadists" who maybe have reasons for their strange and aggressive behaviors. I'm not saying they are "right" in their actions...but their "zaniness" might be understandable as a survival tactic against such odds of power and money over-running their choices in life.

I'm afraid our world is further on the edge of major revolt and conflict...primarily between the haves and the "have nots". This "climategate" could be just one more significant domino that falls into the cause and effect factors of global conflict and even war. It is VERY scary to carry some of these thought processes to their ultimate conclusion...and we need to be very careful and cautious before jumping on ANY bandwagons. It is a time for strong individualism and thought leadership...and I'm afraid I don't see or hear much of that in the leading media or publications.

If this "Climategate" proves to be true as manipulation of the masses for power trips and controls, I will be very embarrassed for many things I have said and written on this subject. Yet, I would rather apologize and get it right than allow myself to be forever manipulated by powers that be into actions or INactions that are not justified. As my grandfather told me decades ago..."the most dangerous lie is that which is based on truth". I still believe we have huge environmental and climatic challenges to control and improve. I'm just not quite as sure of the causes or who is going to truly come to the rescue...but I am more and more convinced that it is not going to be governments that find the causes...or the solutions. Lets get back to private, market driven new studies and technologies that will solve our world's problems. Government bodies simply by their natures cannot be trusted. And we surely don't need to give them more of our money as fuel for THEIR fires. Let them manage with less just like the rest of us "average" global citizens.

Once again...who is and where is "John Galt"?

November 27th...

Here is another significant video link on this subject as produced in England. The evidence of deception continues mounting...

November 28

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November added links

November 30
The Scientists Involved in Deliberately Deceiving the World on Climate

December 4


edward said...

I have received quite a number of supportive comments to this blog article from friends and relatives...some who I didn't realize were already on this side of the climate change issue. Others I have just had a respectable difference of opinion with. I now have to applaud their individuality and minority view...

Here were the comments from my friend Bill who still funnels his comments direct to me...which is fine:

Thanks for your honesty Ed.

You and I have been at odds about man-made global warming for some time. As I have stated before, man does not have the ability to make dramatic changes in this globe's climate at this time in history. Hell, we can't even make it rain. The global warming scientists and political supporters, by in large liberal, have cooked the books on this travesty for the last 30 years.. It may go down as the biggest fraud in world history. Makes the flat earth debate centuries ago look like a high school debate.

How reasonable scientist/supporters could possibly think that over the last 30 some years man is causing the world climate to change is absurd. This earth has been changing for billions of years. 30 years is like a grain of sand on Florida east coast beaches. A blink of the eye over centuries. And yet, these people think the last thirty years up until now is the cornerstone of what climate temps should be.

I never bought it and when they came out with this "Cap and Trade," the hidden reason behind the deceit and lies was evident. MONEY along with tearing down the prosperous nations and distributing the funds worldwide. Not to mention Al Gore's back door investments and other companies that would prosper with this horrible tax on businesses and every man, woman and child. Any time the U.N. has a major role in a needs to be very leery.

I've personally lost several good friends because of this and some other liberal schemes to tear down this country. I miss them but will not fall victim to government in disarray.

The professionals that have appeared to defraud the world on this horrible deception should not only be investigated but if found guilty.....stripped of their various titles and imprisoned.

And to think that after this latest discovery, our President is planning to go to Copenhagen and pursue this bogus crime of the ages. For some seems to fit his agenda.


edward said...

Another valid followup comment from Bill...

I have monitored CBS, ABC and NBC over the last week and have not seen any mention of "Climategate." With something this explosive, I am aghast at their irresponsibility of reporting perhaps one of the most divulging stories in the last half century.

Surely, they must "report" and debate this news. God help journalism if they do not.

edward said...

I want to share some of my cousin's comments to me here also...

I know that for a while, there was a slight upswing in global temperature, just as we are currently in a downswing. I believe that such swings are cyclical and based on sunspot activity, or the lack thereof. We can't do ANYTHING about sunspots. Global temperatures have also been affected by volcanic activity, but that usually cools rather than warms the earth, by the ash produced blocking out some sunlight and reducing the amount that gets to the Earth's surface.

I remember when the first climate alarms were raised more than twenty years ago. The cover of Newsweek told us that if we didn't change our (capitalist) ways, we would trigger global COOLING and a new ice age. Later, after the prevailing thought switched over to global warming, I remember seeing Ted Danson on TV saying that if we didn't make bold changes immediately, our coastlines would be under water by now due to melting polar ice caps. I now see that rather than referring to this situation as global warming (since that's apparently not happening), it's called “climate change.”

I have noted that much of the support for either point of view has been right down political party lines. Further, I have noted that many in the global-warming movement are found to be anti-capitalist if one digs deeply enough. Have a close look at the beliefs of many of the “czars” in the Obama administration. Many are radically left, from hyper-environmentalists to the belief in the complete elimination of firearms in civilian hands. Hitler did the latter back in the '30s in Germany. An unarmed populace could not hope to rise up against the government. But I digress.

When you look at the United Nations planned approach to solving this “climate crisis,” you see that the net result would be to take much of the wealth of the richer countries and redistribute it to the poorer countries.
The UN knows that the people living in those richer countries would never go for the idea unless their was some pretext, some reason that they could potentially be convinced of to go along with such a policy.

I try to stay informed on current events, and I pay a great deal of attention to the news. I have seen a growing trend of scientists leaving the global-warming fold because they say that the science doesn't add up. Further, like many other issues today, I see one side trying to ram legislation through. “If we don't act immediately, all will be lost.” “If we don't act right now, we might never recover.” “Even though we can't empirically PROVE the science, we must act immediately because IF we're right, we can save the planet.” Take health care legislation as an example. If passed, the increased taxation would begin almost immediately, but the actual policies would not be enacted until 2013, AFTER the next presidential election. If the situation is SO dire, how can it possibly wait until then? But again, I digress.

Sorry I've been so verbose. My last word on the subject is this: if the global warming science was true, would God create a creature in His own image that exhales CO2, generally accepted in the global warming community as the most egregious greenhouse gas? That means that ultimately, given enough time and a large enough population, our very existence would destroy the planet. I know that to many, their stance on global warming comes down to almost a religious faith and fervor. I have seen stories where certain global-warming proponents have said that those who deny it should be JAILED. Now, there's an open-minded point of view.