Monday, January 24, 2011

End of the World

In these days of calamity and upheaval, many apocalyptics I know seem to think we are once again seeing at least the beginning of the "end of the world".  For the general pessimist, it might seem easily logical and almost desirable that we see an end to a world full of so much corruption, inherent evil and hard times.

Last night I had interesting dreams about the "end of the world".  Yet the dream didn't focused on carnage or chaos, but on a "new beginning". Suddenly everything was changing around us very quickly. Water was covering earth where water never was. Populations were quickly having to shift and change based on quick changes in the natural environment. In my dream we were having big round table discussions about how to adapt and even profit from these sudden changes.

As I woke fresh from my dream, I thought of a few lessons or even interpretations that might be helpful for living today.

I thought MAYBE mankind can make some positive things happen out of climate change. Sure, some places are getting more rain than ever before (like Panama) while others are getting less.  Some people are getting flooded out more often from their river basin dwellings. Yet, perhaps we just need to learn to "build our house on a rock or the mountain top instead of on the sandy river bed. Or, if we insist on living "under water" such as in New Orleans and the Netherlands, we just have to make sure we build to accommodate that decision.

I also thought about the revolution(s) going on in Tunisia and elsewhere against oppressing, dictatorial governments. While this may seem the end of the world for some, I choose to think this could be the beginning for true and new democracies the world over. The information age is there for all...and while a number of governments, even the USA, are attempting to limit access to "the people"...I don't think they can win that game for long. This could be the end of the world...for those dictators and tyrants who would control the world at our expense.

The debt of nations and its inhabitants, especially of "consumer nations" like the USA, are mounting up to ridiculously high numbers from which there may be no return. This could be the "end of the world" for many large banks, corporations and even States who are for all intents and purposes bankrupt. Yet, there is a lot of good that can come from this devastation.  MAYBE prices can be adjusted to true market values. MAYBE disinflation is a good thing. Even social entitlement programs like Social Security and other social funds are going broke and the numbers for future needs do not add up. Maybe its time to declare an end to unsustainable programs and restructure to manage everyone's true expectations of what can be planned on for future decades.

Even at the "end of the world", mathematics...which I believe to be one of the fundamental elements of the "Creator"...might have a second chance at establishing a new World order. Not the evil one most apocalyptics envision...but one that truly adds up to basic laws of nature and mathematics. If that can be accomplished, I welcome the end...and a new beginning.


Security Leaders Group said...

The trouble with most people's world view is that they assume trends represented today will always be true. We are programmed to look for trends. We even see trends where there aren't any (the bizarre minute changes in temperature data from sensors in Canada for instance).
So if it is dark outside we lose hope that the sun sill rise. If it is cold and rainy we get depressed. In the tech world it was long heresy to suggest that Microsoft would some day not dominate. Remember the '80s? Japan was taking over the world. Now it is China.
Everything has its season. Democracy and freedom will have its day again. Global growth will appear again.
Yes, the sun will rise tomorrow.

edward said...

Well said my friend...:)