Thursday, October 24, 2013

If you've never've never lived

This video is a great reminder that we should not measure ourselves or our aspirations by the limitations of others around us. The greatest challenge in life is to discover WHO you are, WHAT you want to do, and know WHY you are doing it. If we go through life accepting the limitations that our friends, families and institutions place on us... we will just continue living lives of "quiet desperation".

The greatest barrier to our personal success and happiness is the fear of failure. Our society does not treat "failures" very kindly, and everyone knows there is always someone better than us at just about anything we can think of doing. Its not about being BETTER than others. It is about being the best WE can be. That is all life demands of us...and life has a way of rewarding us for doing this.

In my mind, all the violence, addictions, senseless killings and general apathy of the human race can be traced to the inability or lack of support for pursuing our dreams. Many people never even get to the dream stage...let alone fulfilling them. They are too busy just up to the expectations of others or putting food in their mouths and roofs over their heads.

So far, I have been a lucky man...but have failed many times. What's your excuse?

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