Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014...Happy New Year

Here are a few of my personal "resolutions" for 2014...

-I resolve to work SMARTER and more focused this year based on all I learned last year...
-I resolve to take better care of my physical losing another 15 pounds watching my diet on a more consistent basis and exercising more.
-I resolve to write a book this year...biggest challenge being which of three concepts I have should I start with?
-I resolve to get more sun (vitamin E) this spending more time outdoors than just cooped up indoors in front of this computer screen.
-I resolve to finish my band recording project this year including some original tunes...
-I resolve to cherish my life partner and pay more attention to her this year since she is the one who has to put up with me the most and gives the most back to me in smiles and devotion.
-I resolve to spend more time listening to my elders and capturing their stories and wisdom.
-I resolve to use another 10% more of my brain potential this year by focusing on what is important, positive and productive instead of wasting time on past disappointments or people who do not share my values.
-Finally...I resolve to write more pointed blogs while attempting to reduce the amount of words it takes me to express them. :) Basically...improve my craft.



sonia bibiana said...

Feliz ano nuevo para ti igual mi amor, vamos a trabajar juntos en estos proyectos para este nuevo ano. Estoy contigo. Te amo. BB

Bonnie said...

All very worthy resolutions. I wish you well in achieving them. I haven't made any resolutions, but I'll think about it. There are many things about me that I could improve on.

Dave McDonagh said...

All great resolutions. Happy New Year (Feliz Ano Nuevo) to bot you and Bibi.