Sunday, April 5, 2009

An Advisory...Use Sunscreen

As we just passed the anniversary date of the sudden passing of my friend Enrique Martin...this video came to us with a touching message from his daughter Ana. I figured most of the people on my blog list would probably get something out of this video as well. I agree with Ana...I can imagine Enrique creating this film for our consideration as well. Thanks for sharing Ana...and hope you all find meaning in its message. (Its even got Spanish subtitles for my Latino friends)


Bibiana said...

Ed, esto esta muy bonito, Enrique fue tan especial, que se merece todo el reconocimiento que sea posible de sus amigos.

Siempre te recordaremos, Enrique.

Ana Luisa said...

Dear Ed, Thanks for such a beatiful message. It was a pleasure to share a possitive production with everyone... cause you know... sun block is essential... jajajaja. Take good care of yourself and your wonderful wife. Big hug, A