Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Swine Flu and the Media

I can't help but agree with Representative Paul on his concern about this swine flu hoopla. Lets remember he IS a medical Doctor questioning this. Another apparent case of government and media hype on what will probably be the typical seasonal flu bug that a number of people don't survive each year. Its not so much that we don't want health officials to be watching out for us on these things. But, when I measure the numbers that EVERY media pundit is blasting out every minute of the last couple days...I can't quite grasp the "pandemic" risk everyone is hyping. When Mr Paul measures this against the TB deaths each year, you have to wonder why we aren't hearing the same hype against a more devastating disease. And how many people died of AIDS this past week? Without checking, I would wager probably more than from the flu. As of today no one in the USA has died from this virus, yet you would think our country is under nuclear attack. And once again...the role of government must be checked against this issue. Just the sense I'm getting on it, and for the health of the world, I hope I am right.


Timothy said...

Jon Stewart did a funny bit on it. Hearing the anchors talk about how it could wipe out 10s of millions of people, and how it's breaking news when six people show mild flu-like symtoms that MAY be swine flu is blatant fear-mongering. The most absurd part of it was hearing every network also say that they don't want to cause panic or undue worry.

Bibiana said...

Los noticieros, siempre necesitan algo para que la gente los vea, y ademas puedan vender mas publicidad para ganar mas dinero.
Cualquier cosa es buena para manupular la gente y obligarlos a verlos todo el tiempo.
Asi sea ocasionando panico mundial.