Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ugly Truth about Afghanistan...

To get objective news and viewpoints about what is REALLY going on and what the issues REALLY are in Afghanistan, you have to get outside the USA news media. I share just a few of many reports you can find on Youtube that give you the "Ugly Truth" of what America can look forward to accomplishing for all the lives and billions of dollars we are wasting there while not reaching any real objectives. I will let the videos speak for themselves and welcome you to find the additional chapters of these newscasts online to help you shape your own view or opinion about the American government's role and accomplishments in that region. I guess your other option is to just stay in the dark and "trust your government"...

(Finally, a video trailer from "CSNY, Deja Vu" released in 2008. I saw this on HBO this week. If you can rent it or download it, I think it is very thought provoking, if only to analyze how similar these conflicts are to our country's "Viet Nam" era...and the grass roots response/revolt to government war-mongering.)

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edward said...

(I forward these constructive comments emailed to me in response to this blog by the editor of www.thepanamanews.com )

What should Obama do about Afghanistan?

Deny McChrystal his extra troops.

Let it be known that notwithstanding their ties with the Karzai government, Afghans who are into the drug trade, are into public corruption or are guilty of human rights violations will be denied entry into the United States, no matter what.

Concentrate on keeping the pressure on al-Qaeda's rear area during the Pakistani offensive against them.

Do "back channel" talks with the Taliban to assure them that if and when the United States can get reasonable assurances that Afghanistan will not be used as a refuge for Osama and his boys or as base for attacks against the United States, the Americans will be gone.

Get those assurances and get out.

Take care of the veterans who come back messed up in one way or another.