Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jesus is a Verb...not a Noun

This interesting song by Guatemalan artist Ricardo Arjona states a number of points (in Spanish) that I have been trying to make on this blog over the years about religion.

The fundamental point is that, no matter what your fundamental beliefs are based on, it is not a bad ideal to emulate or live the recorded teachings of Jesus. The idea of true faith to me is how that faith impacts real life and action. To just believe in a religion so "you won`t go to Hell" or to give one a mystical insurance plan for a future life if you screw up in this one...that approach to belief comes up very empty to me.

To think of Jesus as a verb...(i.e. "any of a large class of words in a language that serve to indicate the occurrence or performance of an action, the existence of a state or condition") versus a noun ( a word or group of words that refers to a person, place, or thing ) is quite revolutionary and fundamental when you really consider it.

Most religions worship an image, historic books, concepts and dogmas. True faith as Jesus tried to present it 2000 years ago was more about action and BEING. If we are to fundamentally accept this difference, then what you SAY or THINK is not nearly as important as what you DO. Without action, there is no reality. Without right thinking, there is no reason or rationality to what you believe. To just STATE something is so does not MAKE it so. The essence of "spirit" is in BEING.

When you think of faith in this way...who are you really?


sonia bibiana said...

Ed. Interesantes comentarios, yo interprete la letra de la cancion de la siguiente manera.
Que hacen las personas leyendo la biblia todo el dia, pero siguen vacias por dentro, juzgando y criticando a sus hermanos.
Que hacen las mujeres con mucho dinero y con buenas relaciones, haciendo obras de beneficencia pero tienen las conciencias bien negras.
Para que las religiones y formas de fe, esto es basura, al final somos todos iguales.
Para que los templos lujosos de adoracion a Jesus. Al final son un monton de rocas.
Para que los bautismos cuando ni nosotros mismos sabemos que hacer de nuestras vidas.
Para que decir que tomar cafe u otras bebidas son pecado, Jesus bebio vino con sus apostoles, quien invento esta tonteria?
Por que los llamados "pastores"que se hacen ricos con la fe de las personas, son pura basura.
Aclarando que son la mayoria y en mi pais abundan estos que se hacen llamar cristianos...
Mejor que Jesus se quede en el cielo y nunca baje a ver todas esta gente falsa de fe.
Jesus es una sola palabra. Es AMOR.

sonia bibiana said...

Interesting comments Ed, I interpret the lyrics of the song follows.
People do read the Bible all day, but they are empty inside, judging and criticizing his brothers.
Women do a lot of money and good relationships, doing charity work but have the black consciences.
For religions and faiths, this is garbage, in the end we are all equal.
For luxurious temples of worship to Jesus. At the end are a bunch of rocks.
For baptisms when we know ourselves or make our lives.
To say that drinking coffee or other drinks are sin, Jesus drank wine with his apostles, who invented this nonsense?
For so-called "pastors" who get rich on the faith of the people are pure trash.
Clarifying that are most abundant in my country and those who call themselves Christians ...
Better than Jesus stays in the sky and never come down to see all these people false faith.
Jesus is a word. It is LOVE.

Beth said...

Well said!!! Bibi's comments are right on too! Love to you both, Beth

P.S. Ed, your blog on the pro's & con's of Panama were the most informative that I've ever read. Thanks for your honest perspectives.